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Specialist in workholding solutions

World leader in mooring systems for machine tools. Hainbuch, founded in 1951, with three locations in Germany and nine subsidiaries around the world, develops, designs and produces different mooring solutions, in order to increase productivity, flexibility, benefit and improve easily and quickly.

The HAINBUCH GmbH develops and produces clamping devices for clamping workpieces for milling, turning and grinding. These include products such as chucks, mandrels, stationary clamping devices, adaptation clamping devices, clamping elements, clamping cylinders and end-stop systems. The main focus is especially on products for optimizing set-up times [quick change-over systems, development of smart clamping solutions and engineering], lightweight clamping systems made of carbon fibre and clamping force gauges.

HAINBUCH has developed all kinds of innovations and solutions in the field of mechanical clamping. Hainbuch strength lies in  its well-known standard products, as well as the feasibility of special requirements.

The products are mainly used by automotive manufacturers and suppliers, machine manufacturers, manufacturers of gear-cutting tools and in the metal industry. The products are distributed through its own field sales team, ten subsidiaries in China, France, Britain, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Thailand, Austria, Mexico and the USA, as well as 40 agencies around the world; the export share is 35%.

Among the notable innovative and sustainable developments of the Marbach-based company are the SPANNTOP power chuck, TOPlus IQ chuck technology with intelligent sensor technology [2007], and energy-efficient lightweight clamping devices made of carbon fibre.